Monday, June 13, 2016

Pics of the Day

Warming up around here, but the rains have been consistent, very different Spring for us. There was a nice variety in the yard and porch this weekend.

 Bright sunshine gave me the opportunity to camp out down at the end of the porch where I can check the hummingbirds coming to the garden feeders.

 Male Cardinal was taking communion today at the church house.

 Blue Jay was intrigued by the sunflower seed on the patio.

 Female Painted Bunting has been very consistent at this feeder in the middle of the yard. Her mate seems to come only at the end of the day.

 Always helps to have a little running water.

 Black-throated hummer showed me a little of his royal purple throat.

 End of day back-light.

 Daddy seems to have a young one hanging around begging a lot!

 Like I said, he comes around about the same time each day.

That's okay, as long as he's coming around!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Family Christmas and New Year's Eve 2015

We know what you're thinking, but sometimes, ya just gotta do whatcha gotta do!

 Since Heidi and her sisters were in the neighborhood, they helped Papa Wes and GG decorate for Christmas.

 Papa Wes enjoying some 'Evie time'.

 Evie and her sisters love decorating the tree.

 And they love each other too!

 Oh yeah, they love their 'GG' too!

Mercedes deep in thoughts of sugar plums and full stockings.

 This was a special Christmas for our family; first time to have this bunch all together at once. As the Good Book says, children are a blessing from God!

Papa Wes and GG love their grands!

GG got all the grands Christmas jammies.

 Once again GG planned the craft activity for the grands to go home with memory 
Christmas shirts.

GG's brother and wife Jimmy and Aggie Matthews met us at Peach Tree in Fredericksburg for a Christmas get-together.

 New Year's Eve celebration around the fire pit, with Matt Parker providing the entertainment.

 So blessed to have Emmaline enjoying New Years. She had a tough one last year.

 Viola enjoyed the fireworks.

 It was a perfect night for a fire and some fireworks.

 Yes, they got their fill of 's'mores'.

A little serenading and sing-along.

 Just good to be with the kids.

And what better way to end the post than a bed-time story for the girls from Papa Wes?

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Catch-up Overload

I ask myself, should I really endeavor to catch up with almost a year of family posts? Well, how about a little catch-up mixed with new stuff? That sounds not near as daunting a task, especially for my procrastinating helper!

 No better start than the traditional family bluebonnet pics from our Central Texas home. Our beautiful granddaughters, Mercedes Noel 6, Evangeline Rose 4, and 
Heidi Christiana Hopkins 2.

With their mama Kathryn Rose Hopkins.

 And a little catch-up from MawMaw's 91st birthday bash at Loma Vista. Sure seems like a long time ago!

Maw and her young-uns, David, Tim, Wesley and Becky.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Idaho Visit Vol. II

We were blessed to be there for the year-end piano recital, as well as Emma's eighth birthday. We were also treated to mountain biking (Wes's treat), and a visit to Idaho City, a pioneer mining town.

 I kept finding my happy place over and over!
This time in the back yard.

 Morgan and Emma with their piano teacher after the recital. They have both made great progress in their playing.

 Celebration Park on the Snake River; Indian pictographs, an old bridge, and a bike ride down the river.

 The bikers.

 Papa Wes tells a bed-time story about when Pawpaw and Kiss Carton met up with Pecos Bill.

 A climb up the hill north of Boise for a pic with the spuds.

 Papa Wes explaining to the kids about the mining process using high pressure water hoses.
(He takes his teaching moments seriously.)

 Exploring the graveyard of Idaho City.

 Happy spuds.

 Birthday girl Emma with the Key Lime pie and candles.

 Hard to say goodbye to these kids.

 Sweet Viola with the Snake River in the background.

Birthday girl Emma with a special treat at the Boise Fry Co. The food was ALL good.
And the visit was ALL good. We can't wait to go back.

Idaho Visit Vol. 1

Too many pics for one sitting, so we'll spread it out over our week long stay with our Idaho spuds in May, our first visit to their home in Caldwell, Idaho. Saturday was a fun day at the Boise Farmer's Market, then the final soccer games for all the kids.

 Venders with lots of plants, crafts, foods and handmade products.

 I am in a very happy place!

 Wes treated himself to a special waffle, covered with a fried egg, bacon, fruit and syrup. He was in a happy place.

 Viola sprinting for the ball.

 She helped her team get the ball down the field a number of times.

 And Emma can run like the wind as well.

 No, she did not just trip that kid!

 GG offering moral support during a breather.

 Morgan's team had a good day.

 Congratulating his teammate on a long goal.

 Guarding the goal.

The champions finished their season well.